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The ATL Project Artical


These guys are all set to attack the rap world. At press time, they were about to join Bow Wow's tour.We think ATL is the "hot new pick to click." What do you think?

Will, L-Rock, Tre and Danger are proud of their brand of "Southern fried hip-hop" and at press time are about to release their debeul album on Epic Records. To say these guys are from Hotlanta are thrilled is an understatement!They are all actually from other towns but now live in Atlanta, and love being part of the fertile music scene there.

The guys are psyched that their self-titled album and taht the first single Calling All Girls is already being so well-received. The guys have worked hard to get their deal, but the Bronx-born and bred Danger tells us, "It is definitely a wonderful experience.It feels really good to even be at this point now but we know we have a long way to go.But,you know,we are keeping our hands up and staying focused and appreciate all the support that everyone has been giving us (and that includes Word Up!,readers)."

The guys will be doing lots of in-store CD signings and have a special message for fans who are coming out to meet and greet them.Says Tre, "I just want everybody to know that you can always acheive your dream.If four guys from Atlanta can somehow become what we hope to become, then anybody can do it!Just always believe and always try!"

The guys are especially thrilled that big names like R.Kelly helped work on their debut CD.Says Danger, "It was great.We didn't actually work with him in person, but we were on the phone with him, he was constantly coaching us, you know, through the dynamics of this music thing and stuff like that.I mean, it's an honor to have R.Kelly to be working with us because this is our first album and single so we are truly happy for him to be working with us."

Besides the "in-stores," you can see these guys on the current Bow Wow tour.The ATL guys and and the Bowster bonded even before the tour started.Bow Wow gave the guys first-time touring advice that was kind of funny.Says Tre, "he was like, 'Watch your chain; watch all your jewelry.The girls are crazy.Anything could happen during the concert!' He also said that we were going to have a lot of fun and that he was going to make sure of that!"

These guys have very busy days since they are a blossoming rap act. Says Tre, "A normal day for us is waking up at 11.We probably meet up and we split up in twos to work out. Me and Will workout together when L-Rock and Danger work out.And we have personal trainers. We do that for an hour; then we have vocal training for another hour--then at about 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. we have choreography." Things will only get "hairier" when they start the tour with Bow Wow in September!Yowsa!

We wish these sweethearts all the best!Members of this group still have schooling to go through while doing their tour, and that's tough, to say the least.