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Jhené's Chat Page 2


jasmine: Jhené I love your song "Stuck Like This." When are you going to make a video for it?
Jhené: I won't be making a video for "Stuck Like This," because it's not going to be one of my singles, but thank you for liking the song.

Morgan: Who is the main person who has helped you in the music industry?
Jhené: There's not a main person whose helped me. There are so many people - my friends, family, Chris Stokes, B2K. It was a group effort. Anybody who's given me advice or given me encouragement.

ChristopherWifey: What's your favorite song on your debut album?
Jhené: My favorite songs are "No L.O.V.E." - my single - and "Don't Love You Anyway."

ApUrEpInAy: What up Jhené? Are you going to be doing any appearances for any TV shows any time soon?
Jhené: Right now I'm not sure, but the video should be out in a couple weeks, so that will probably be the appearance. It will be appearing somewhere so that could count as an appearance.

MahGurlJhene: Hi Jhené, do you know the exact date that your album hits stores?
Jhené: No I do not. Sorry.

CarmelChick: What do you think about all the love people are giving you?
Jhené: Man! It's like how much is coming my way? It's like a blessing. It's weird because the moment B2K's album came out and my picture was in the CD, the day after I was getting all these emails of people who were interested and went to my website and heard my songs. They became fans and it's like crazy!

MissVIP612: I know that Lil Fizz from B2K is your cousin, what pointers has he given you about the music business, and what you should and shouldn't do?
Jhené: He's given me a lot of pointers. He's taught me how to watch out for certain things and how to be a better performer. He's just given me a lot of advice about everything - even personal things. He's helped a lot.

ricangirl831: What does it feel like when you perform in front of hundreds of people?
Jhené: It's like the greatest feeling to me. I feel so comfortable and you know finally they can see you and be there in person and really get to interact with you. It's just fun - I love it!

PrechuzG: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Jhené: In 10 years - I will be 25. I see myself still doing what I'm doing. Hopefully writing more and acting, having my own production company, but mainly just finished with school - graduating from college by then and still doing what I 'm doing.

Misty_Storm: When is your album gonna drop in London?
Jhené: I'm not sure.

ApUrEpInAy: Hey Jhené I just wanted to ask you if you are going to be having a lot of special effect for you performance?
Jhené: Oh no! Not this time around. This is the first tour so I don't get any of that stuff. But it's all good. It will be a good show.

missdrama: When is the video for "No L.O.V.E" coming out?
Jhené: The video for "No L.O.V.E." should be out in a couple weeks.

BaByGuRl2003: Are you nervous about this tour?
Jhené: Yes a little bit of everything. Nervous, excited, happy - everything. Blessed. But more than all that, I'm just real excited.

LilMizToni: Jhené I enjoyed your song "He Couldn't Kiss" But is it written upon a real life experience? When did you have your first kiss?
Jhené: It's not personal experience. It's happened before, but when we were writing the song, we were thinking of concepts that girls go through and nobody's talked about, that's why we thought about that. My first kiss? ha! ha! I don't remember. I don't know. ;)

ricangirl831: What are your favorite hobbies besides singing?
Jhené: I love skating - ice skating, roller blading - anything. Bike riding, swimming and talking on the phone. I like to do that. And going to the movies.

JhenésBabyDaddy: How were you discovered?
Jhené: I wasn't really discovered. I've known Chris Stokes since I was 5. I was singing in the bathroom when I was 11. He passed by and didn't know it was me. When he found out it was me, he told me when I turned 13, he was going to work with me and try to get me a deal. So I guess that's how I got discovered - singing in the bathroom!

ChristopherWifey: Where do you spend most of your time at?
Jhené: Right now I'm spending most of my time at home, but obviously since the tour's coming up, I'll be on the road. Before that I've been spending most of my time in the studio, so it changes every month.

Omarisbutterfly04: How long did it take to get a record deal?
Jhené: It took me a week because I wasn't shopped around to different record labels. So it took - I mean I did the demo and the next day I got the deal, so I guess two days - I don't know.

samia: How do you deal with the pressures of a young R&B artist in an hectic industry?
Jhené: Just try to stay level-headed and just keeping my family close to me. People who are true friends and not letting people who are just there because you're coming out because you might be big. Try to avoid people who are fake - you know what I mean?

ChristopherWifey: Do you still go to school or do you have a tutor around you all the time?
Jhené: I'm on home studies and basically what that is is they give you a whole semester of school work and you turn in work from each subject each week. So that's what it is. That's what I have to do.

Ashley_A_K_A_shawty: How does it feel to have such a supportive family with the music business?
Jhené: It feels like it's such a breath of fresh air because there are a lot of people who are fake and at the end of the day your family will be there regardless whether you sell one record or a million - they'll treat you for who you are. It's like a blessing. There's nothing better than that.

ImHungry: You're already famous and have as many fans as B2K and you don't even have a album out yet, how has that changed you?
Jhené: It's just made me happier. It hasn't changed me at all. I'm really grateful and made me feel really appreciative about everything - like I'm not taking any of this for granted.

Jazmine: Which do you like better singing/performing or modeling?
Jhené: Singing - definitely singing. Since performing has singing in it, I guess that would be pretty easy. I like them both.

LadyBoog_Fizzy: Do you have a secret crush?
Jhené: Yes, but I can't tell you - it's a secret! I have a secret crush, but I also have a regular crush and that is on Pharrell from The Neptunes and Chingy. But my secret crush - I'll never tell!

Erin: Do you think that you're entering the entertainment business so young is a blessing, and do you see yourself having longevity in music as well as songwriting and producing for others?
Jhené: Yes. I definitely think the fact that I got to do this at an early age and experience it is a blessing because right now I'm learning about it so when I'm older I will know more than the average person who's coming in at 25. I do think I'll have longevity because even if I'm not performing or singing, I'm definitely going to be writing - doing some type of business in the entertainment industry - producing or writing - anything in music, because that's what I love.

Alexis: Jhené, I heard you finished your video for "No L.O.V.E." Could you give us a little hint of what it's like, or who will be in it?
Jhené: Basically "No L.O.V.E." is if you listen to the song it's following the story. It's the whole story line about him not getting any love. ;) That's what the video is pretty much explaining everything that I'm talking about. I got a couple of my friends who were really my friends in real life. For the boys, because it is an ex boyfriend and new boyfriend in the video, we got to hand pick them, so, yes, they are good-looking. ;) And I'm in the video.

Coco_B: What is a question a lot of people ask you but you really hate?
Jhené: There's no question that anybody asks that I hate, but the question I get a lot that I'll get - I don't hate it - but I get it a lot is "How is it to be Lil Fizz' cousin?" That's the one I get the most, but I don't hate it.

FizzsBaBiiGuRL: Which song on your album do you consider to be personal?
Jhené: I think "Everything." The one that I wrote. I wrote the whole thing from top to bottom and it was all like my feelings and a true story. Ha, Ha!

Jhené35: Are you going to be doing a lot of dancing on tour?
Jhené: Yeah. It's pretty much an even amount of performing, dancing and singing. Yeah. It's not easy, but you know, I love doing it so I'll make it through.

This_Ur_Gurl_Ashley: What is your favorite thing that is in your purse that you use a lot?
Jhené: My lip gloss! Definitely. As a matter fact my purse is right here and I've put it on like 10 times. My lip gloss and my perfume. I'm obsessed with both of them.

A_Jhené: Are you going to go out in the audience like last year when you were in Oakland?
Jhené: Probably. You never know. I'm pretty sure I'll be signing autographs afterwards out in the audience.

kel: Are there any guests on your album?
Jhené: My cousin Lil Fizz. Other than that, B2K make some appearances. Other than that, it's just me because for the first album I wanted to show everybody me without a lot of guest appearances and stuff like that.

Shana: Are you ever going to have your own clothing line?
Jhené: Actually that's something that I've always wanted to do - design clothes - so I hope so. Nothing is being talked about right now, but that's something I've always wanted to do.

Epic Records: Thanks for the chat! Unfortunately, we are almost out of time. Do you have any parting words for us?
Jhené: Thank you guys for your questions. I had a fun time doing this and answering questions. Thank you so much for all the love and all the support. Make sure you guys can check me out on Scream Tour III. Thank you SO SO much for everything! I love you all! :)

Epic Records: Thanks to you all for a great chat! Stay tuned to jhene.com for more upcoming events and contests.