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My NEW Story "It's Over!!"

Chapter 1:

Crystal: Aiaght y'all I'm out Christina Is gon drive me home.

De', Druex, Rell:Bye.

Omari kissed her cheek. "I'll see you lata."

Christina:Hey you guyz.

All:Hey Chris-

Crystal:Okay y'all, we'll be here @ 8. So look out 4 us.

They walked out and got in2 the car.

Crystal:It's only 4:35.

Christina:I know, what's wrong?

Crystal:I am starvin 2 death.

Christina:Didn't you eat breakfast?

Crystal:I had 2 rush out this morning, D.C gets real crowded around this time with every1 going out 2 Crystal City.

Christina:Is that where we're goin?

Crystal:You're drivin.

Christina:Do you wanna go 2 Crystal City?


She turned a corner and went 2 the route that leads 2 Crystal City.

Christina:So Crys, what's happenin? Gimme the latest news on the entertainment biz.

Crystal:Ummmm, let's see...... I don't have no LATE news.


Crystal:The Aaliyah vigil is gon be in New York, sometime this week but I'm not sure when. But belive me, I have a REALLY strong feelin that somethin is gon happen 2day!

Christina:Yeah, I do too.

Crystal mumbled:But it's a bad feelin.

Christina:Yeah. It is.

They were quiet until they hit Crystal City.

Crystal:I wanna hit Backstage be4 McDonalds.

It was getting dark outside and it was cold and snowy.

They walked in2 "Backstage", the theatre store.

Christina:There's nothin good here 2day.

Clerk:We haven't recived all our orders for this week. 2morrow everything should be here.

Crystal:Okay, we'll come back 2morrow.


They walked out.

Christina:It's almost 7 and don't you have 2 be home? You gotta go meet your boy @ the concert.

Crystal:Yeah, let's just get 2 Micky D's.

They drove 2 the McDonald's closet 2 Crystal's house.

Crystal:Bye Chris.

She walked in2 the house.

Adrienne:Your lil boyfriend called, he said somethin happend and there ain't gon be a night time show.


Adrienne:I don't remember what, but there's not gon be an 8:00 show.

Crystal:Thanx Adrienne for nothin @ all.

Adrienne:Okay, I got that.

She got some fries outta Crystal's bag.

Adrienne is Crystal's sister, they live in that house 2gether along with their other sister Dallas. There's no explanation 2 where their parents are, but they went 2 "fufill their dreams" when Adrienne and Crystal were 14, and Dallas was 5. It was about 5 years ago. Now their all grown up and livin 2gether.

Adrienne:I don't like that Omari boy.

Crystal:Oh Lord, here we go.

Adrienne:Well can I help it if I think he thinks he's better than every1 else?

Crystal:Well, you might think that.

Adrienne:I know that. He THINKS he's better than every1 else.

Crystal:You do 2.

Adrienne:Okay, well he said call him when you get home.


She called on the telephone in her room.

Crystal:What happend? My sister told me, yeah. YOU DID WHAT?!!!!!!! WHY?!!!!! So it's all over 4real? Y'all still friends? A fight?!

Adrienne:Crystal, c'mere!

She went downstairs.

Crystal:Why were y'all fightin? Okay, I got that part but they were always like that.

Adrienne:I have a date.

Crystal:When? No not you, I'm talkin 2 Adrienne.

Adrienne:2night, look, Dallas is @ Karen's house, can I trust you 2 NOT have that boy in MY house?

Crystal:Age this ain't your house.

Adrienne:Just don't have him here!

She went up stairs and got ready.

Crystal:Omari come over here okay, I gotta go. Bye.

Chapter 3

Later Crystal showed up @ the hotel Omari was stayin @, but they said he was in a hospital in L.A.

Crystal:Mrs. Grandberry, what's wrong?

Mrs.Grandberry: Omari, collapsed honey. He's in the hospital out here.

Crystal:He was just @ my house, about an hour or 2 ago.

Mrs.Grandberry:Well he just collapsed, he wasn't feeling up 2 those 2 concerts.

Crystal:Thanx, Mrs. Grandberry, I wish I could be out there.

Mrs.Grandberry:I know Crys, but I'll tell him U called okay. Bye.

Crystal hung up with Mrs. Grandberry.

She went back home and Dallas was there with her friend Maria.

Crystal:Dallas whatchu doin here?

Dallas:Maria's mom had a breakdown.

Crystal:Shameful. Adrienne, O had collapsed, he's in a hospital in L.A.

Adrienne:I'm so sorry 2 hear that. How's he doin?

Crystal:Not good.

Adrienne:He must be in real bad condition 2 be back in L.A from D.C, in 3 hrs.

They didn't know that this was just the start of the drama that was gonna go on.

DAY 1: Drama Momma

It was a few days after Omari recovered and he was in D.C visiting Crystal.

Crystal and him was on the sofa .

Crystal:What happend between U and the rest of your partnerz in crime?

Omari:They ain't call me 1nce since i was in the hospital.

Crystal:What?! Not even Jarell?

Omari:None of em. I think that the group might be over.

She got off him and stood up.

Crystal:Are U serious?

Omari:Yeah, it's not like this was a recent thing either cuz there's been friction between us for a few months. There was almost fights and I guess this fight actually came in. They think I think I'm better than them.

Crystal:Well I think U-

Omari:U're agreeing with them?! I can't belive that!

Crystal:I'm NOT agreeing with them!!

Omari:So what do U think I think?

Crystal:It ain't important now. So even Jarell didn't call, but he's your cuzin.

Omari:That's what really hurt.

Crystal:I can't belive that. Are u sure? Cuz Rell is not like that.

Omari:Yeah, he is.

Crystal:I can't belive dat!!

Omari:Neither could i.

Crystal:Awwww, you poor baby, ain't get no phone callz from ya boyz.

They started kissin for a while and he pulled her on the couch wit him.

Adrienne walked in and then went out the house again real fast. She was out there with her boyfriend.

Adrienne:Ricky, why don't we go back 2 your house?


Omari:Your sister just came in.

Crystal:What? And she didn't say anything rude, like get a hotel?

Omari:She left real fast.

Crystal:Should I go see what was up?


Crystal:Yeah, I should.

She got off him and looked out her window.

Crystal:There's no 1 out there.

Omari:She musta left.

Crystal:Uh-huh, whatever.

Adrienne came in a lil while later.

Adrienne:Omari, go home plz. I'm tired and don't wanna see your face.

Omari:Whatever, I'll see ya later.

Crystal:Yeah. Bye.

He kissed her cheek.

Crystal: What's wrong? thangz ain't work out wit Ricky Riccola?

Adrienne:Stuff was fine. So how'd it go wit U and ya big headed boyfriend?

Crystal:How'd what go?

Adrienne:Crys, I saw y'all on the couch.

Crystal: I know. You came in, he said somethin about that.


Omari:Crystal, they said that THEY didn't get all the profits from S3T, cuz Chris ripped THEM off.

Crystal:Omari, hold on kay, some1's on my other line. Hello.

Jarell: I just wanted 2 tell U not 2 listen 2 what Omari sayz okay?

Crystal:I gotta interview U kay? Cuz this is a good story.

Jarell:So U tryna make money off us?

Crsytal:No that's not what- look I'ma call U back in a few minutes okay?



Omari:Yeah, who was that?


Omari:Who though?

Crystal:Don't worry bout it.


Crystal:I'll call U back in about an hour, Chris is here and me her and the otherz are goin out.


Dallas:C'mon Crys!!

She grabbed her purse and cell phone.


Adrienne:C'mon, I'm STARVING!!

Her cell phone rang.

Crystal:Talk 2 me. Hey Rell, uh-huh. So you say that Chris Stokes stole money from y'all. Okay, see there's a problem, if he took the money from y'all then why didn't Omari go and Raz stay, cuz he is Chris's cuzin.

Jarell:I don't know what's goin on!

Crystal:So y'all broke up really?


Crystal:That's sad, y'all probably broke a lot of little girls' hearts.

Jarell:I know, but it's not our fault.

Christina:Hey Rell!

Crystal:He said hi Chris.

Jarell:So anywayz, where R U?

Crystal:On my way out 2 eat.

Jarell:Girls night out huh?


Jarell:Oh, aight Crys, I'll call ya lata.

Crystal:Aight Rell.


It was a Monday afternoon around like 5:00.

Crystal:Omari, U were just on TRL, lyin through ya lil teeth.

Omari:No I wasn't.

Crystal:Yeah, ya were. U were stutterin and all that. Why couldn't ya jus like tell the truth?

Omari:It was the truth-

Crystal:Yeah whatever. That's my other line, I gotta go.

She hung up with him and picked up.

Crystal she screamed when she heard Druex's voice: Druex!!!!!!!!!!!!

Druex:Excited 2 hear from me?!

Crystal:Yeah Druex, ya know ya my boy! So what's up?

Druex:Could U believe ya man on T.V, lyin like dat?

Crystal:No, I talked 2 him 'bout it. He swore he was tellin the truth.

Druex:Pleez, that was a lie.

Adrienne:Omari was on T.V, he was lyin! Did u hear him stutterin, and then not even lookin in2 the cam? He looked nervous as hell.

Druex:He was lyin!! I can't belive he's actin like this, like a, a, a what's your word?

Crystal:Like a muthafudga!


Crystal:Well, he's stubborn. When he makes up his mind, it's made up. Nothin's gon change with his situation.

Adrienne:Who? What?

Crystal:If I tell ya once, i tell ya twice: Mind ya bizness!!!!!!!

Adrienne:X-cuze me but, this time it actually concernz me.

Crystal:I'll tell ya later, i'm on the phone.

Druex:My cuzin said she comin over 4 another french manicure.

Crystal giggled.

Jhene:Hey Crys!

Crystal:Hi Jhene.

Jhene:So what's happenin? I know there's a lot of gossip goin down @ your house! I've been 2 your house 1nce, and I know everything that happend between July and December.

Crystal:A lot of stuff! Belive me!

Jhene:I know that's right. Oh, well here's my cuzin back.

Crystal:Your cuz is nice.

Druex:Uh-huh, she jus playz 2 much.

Crystal laughed a lil.

Crystal:Well, this is the longest time I ever talked 2 U.

Druex:Yeah, sure is.

Crystal:Yeah. Well, I gotta go now, but I'll call U back as soon as I get home.


Adrienne:He's nice.

Crystal:Sure is. Now what R U getting @?

Adrienne:Nothin just sayin, he's a nice boy.

Crystal:Okay. Whateva U say, Age.

Adrienne:So Crystal, U ain't gotta thang 4 him huh?

Crystal:I like him, a lil bit.

Chapter 2:

Omari came over around 7:30 when Adrienne had left.


He walked in.


Crystal was on the couch layin down on her back lookin @ her news artical.

Omari:Where's the other people?

Crystal:Age is on a date, and Dallas is @ her friend's house.

Omari:So we're all alone.

He smiled.

Crystal:Uh-huh, look I got work.

Omari:Then why'd you call me over?!

Crystal:No 1's home, that's why.

Omari:So what am I gon do?

Adrienne's car pulled up out front.

Crystal:O, go in my room!


Crystal pushed him up the steps.

Omari:Which one is it?


Crystal:Age whatcha doin home so early?

Adrienne:Uhhhh!!!! I don't wanna talk about it, I have a bangin headache so I'm goin up 2 bed okay.


She walked upstairs.

Crystal soon followed after Adrienne went up.


Omari:What happend?

They were whispering.

Adrienne yelled out her room:Who r u talking 2?!!!!!

Crystal:The T.V?

Crystal(Whisper): She had a bad date.

Omari:Oh, look I think I'd better go-

Adrienne knocked on her door. Crystal opened it enough 2 slip out.


Adrienne:I'm goin out with Reese okay?

Crystal smirked and said "Okay."

Adrienne walked out.

Omari:What now?

Crystal:She's gone so you can stop whisperin.

Omari:So what we gon do now?

Crystal:I don't feel like goin out. Let's go downstairs.


Crystal:On second count, let's stay up here.

Omari:I'm gon go home cuz you are actin real borin 2day.

Crystal:I know, I just- there's just nothin 2 do!

Omari:Hmmm.... stop playin stupid.

Crystal looked @ her clock, 6:00 and it was already lookin like 9:00.

Crystal:Whatchu wanna do?

Omari got a serious look like "stop playin dumb".

Crystal:Whatchu wan- Ohhhhh............I don't think so.

Omari:C'mon now you ain't a virgin anyway, are u?

Crystal:No but- If i say no, then what would you do?



Omari:Okay, so you ain't gon give it up no time soon, huh?

Crystal:Maybe, maybe not.

Omari:Okay. So can we watch tv?

She turned on the T.V with the remote.

She layed on her stomach on the bed and he sat beside her.

Crystal:You ain't mad @ me r u?

Omari:No, it was just somethin I wanted 2 know.

Crystal:Yeah, okay.


She shook her head.

Crystal sat up and moved over. Omari sat up more.

Omari:So nothin ain't happenin, NOTHING @ all Crys.

Crystal:We can kiss, but 4 now that's all I'm doin.

Omari was quiet. The door knob downstairs turned.

Adrienne: Omari, and Crystal get y'all lil selves down here this instant.

Omari:How'd she know I was here?!

Crystal shrugged. "Stay here, okay." She walked down the steps.

Crystal:Omarion ain't here.

Adrienne:I saw his car.


Adrienne:Across the street.

Crystal:There's more than 1 car like that.

Adrienne:I'm gon call his momma and tell her, her son is gettin freaky wit my sister.

Omari ran downstairs real fast.

Adrienne: Go home.

He walked slow.


He ran 2 the door.

Omari: Bye Crys, I'll call ya later.

Crystal:Ezcuse me, but you're mot my mother and U ain't even older than me! So what right do you have 2 tell me what I can do and what I can't do.

Adrienne:My parental rights.

Crystal:Who's parent are you?! You're my sister!

Adrienne:Okay then lemme tell U this: I do have my rights 2 protect you.

Crystal:Nothin happend, or was even gonna happen.

Adrienne:Sure I belive ya but, U should respect my sisterial rights. I don't like him so just leave him alone.

Crystal:How can you tell me not 2 like him? Huh? You have NO rights 2 tell me nothin of the sort.

Adrienne:Acutally I do.

Crystal:Oh really?

Adrienne:Yeah, I do cuz I am paying 1/2 of-

Crystal:Whatever, just let me be alone.

Adrienne:What happend?

Crystal:It dosen't concern you!


She stomped up the steps.

Crystal:You're so immature!


Crystal huffed and walked out.

Adrienne:Where are u goin?!!!

Crystal:It don't concern U!!!!!!!!

Adrienne then and there just shut up.

Chapter 4 (The End)
Adrienne:That proves U don't have all bad taste in menzez.
Crystal:Whatever, my relationships last long.
Adrienne:But the niggaz U choose!! Like Omari.
Crystal;I'm not even believin in me and O no more--
Adrienne:I never believed in y'all.
Adrienne:I personally think U and Druex should be 2gether.
Crystal rolled her eyes and went up 2 her room 2 get ready 2 leave with Christina.
When they left the only thing they could talk about was TRL.
Christina:Did U see your lyin man on TRL?
Crystal:He ain't my man. 4get him.
Christina:He is tryna make everybody feel sorry 4 him, and hate Druex, Rell, and De!
Crystal:I know. I gotta talk 2 him 2day though. They still gotta perform 2gether though.
Christina:If I was De, Rell, or Druex I wouldn't set foot on that stage!
Crystal:Chris, stop. They're gonna do it.
Druex:I ain't goin on!!
Crystal:Druex, U're the main person they came 2 see!
Crystal:Think about your fans!!
Druex:Ohh man!! I am!!! I can't do it.
Druex:I'll make sure they get their money back Crys.
She left out his dressing room and met up with Christina in the hall.
Crystal:Is De goin on?
Christina:No. What about Druex?
Crystal:No. And I ain't even gon ask Rell. U ask.
Christina:No!!! U're his best friend!!! If anyone can convince him U can.
Christina pushed her all the way 2 Rell's door. Then she knocked and left.
Jarell:No, wait. Come in.
She came in. "Now--what?"
Jarell:Crys, I been meanin 2 talk 2 U.
She sat on the chair opposite of his.
Jarell:Look, Omari's my cuzzin and I don't know whether 2 let him go on stage alone, I don't know wether 2 leave B2K with De and Druex. I'm confused.
Crystal:I don't know if I should break up with him.
Jarell:I don't wanna tell U 2 leave him, but do whatever feels right.
Crystal:Well, I wanna tell U 2 leave the group and don't go on.
Jarell:What?!!! Why?!!
Crystal:I have my reasons. Just don't go on.
Jarell:Okay. Well--- I'll see ya 2night.
Crystal:Bye. Good luck.
Jarell:U 2, cuz U gotta tell him we ain't goin on.
Crystal:HOLD UP!!!!!
Jarell:Bye sweetie.
Crystal:NO!!! cuz if he hit's me the police gon be comin 2 arrest me!!!
Jarell:Crys he ain't gon hit U. He'll probably come after us.
She chipped and left out.
Crystal:I gotta tell O about this cuz they're punkin out!!
Christina:Well---there he is.
He was standing on the wall with them 4Deep pplz.
Crystal:Oh man!!!!
Omari:Hey!! Come here.
She smiled fakely then looked down and quickly walked over.
Milly:Wussup C?
A.E:U bringin news?
Crystal smiled like she was nervous and nodded.
Omari:Aye y'all, I'll catch y'all kay?
IK:Peace. Bye Crys.
They went through the door. Christina left out 2, and they were alone.
Crystal:I'mma kill Christina!!!!
Omari:Gimme the bad news first.
Crystal:There is no good news.
He sounded kinda mad.
Omari:What'd U do?
She shook her head.
Omari:What happend?
Crystal:Well, your pplz are gone. Druex, De' and Rell went home. They're mad @ U.
Crystal:Why U tryna act dumb? Like U don't know whatchu did.
Omari:Cuz I don't.
She kept her distance from him.
Crystal:U went on MTV and lied like they did everything. Do U think that was nice?
Omari:They did!! They changed the locks, they declared the break-up, they formed their own group, they did it all.
Crystal:Why are U lyin?!!! I'm not the studio audience, or the people watchin U. I don't see U as Omarion, U're Omari. U don't hafta lie 2 me, I really know U, and I know when you're lyin. U were on TV tellin a boldfaced lie O. What is it? U don't like them or somethin?! They're nice boys!! I knew them longer than U.
Omari:So what you're say in that you'd much rather go on their side then stay on your boyfriend's side?
Crystal:In this case then---yeah.
Omari;Okay, well....I'm glad this happend, I know how U are.
He tried 2 walk away but she grabbed his arm.
Crystal:U know how I am?!!!! I didn't turn my back on the people who gave me a job, and the ppl I love. Whatchu gotta say now?
Omari:Just that----U don't know the story. Bye.
She watched him leave then went and sat in a chair beside Druex's dressing room.
He opened his door.
Druex:What's wrong?
Druex:U told Omari?
Druex:What happend?
He hugged her.
Crystal:It's over. Just like B2K.