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Lloyd Polite was born January 3, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Lloyd Polite Sr. and Robin Polite. After the death of his father at age two, Lloyd moved with his mother and older sister Brandy to Atlanta, GA.

Like his father, Lloyd showed a talent for performing. At the age of four his voice was already garnering attention. Encouraged by his mother and her father affectionately called “Paw-Paw”, Lloyd began singing at parties and other functions.

Joyce Irby and Leonard Watkins discovered Lloyd at age eleven during a performance at the Avondale School of Performing Arts. The pair wasted no time signing Lloyd and placing him in the role of lead singer for the group N-TOON. Game recognizes game, N-TOON was quickly signed by the label DreamWorks, and released their debut album TOON-TIME in the spring of 1999 to moderate success.

At the end of the summer Lloyd decided to embark on a solo career. Amid much fanfare inside the industry, Magic Johnson Records signed Lloyd. The next year was spent creating a album project under the tutelage of David Gates (label head), and Walter Young (A&R Director). Unfortunately, before the official release of the album, Gates and Young decided to leave the label for professional reasons, leaving Lloyd with a killer album, but no label.

Fast forward five months to Lloyd’s chance meeting with Irv Gotti, CEO of “Murder Inc.,” records. Gotti offered Lloyd a contract on the spot, but legendary hit maker Antonio “LA” Reid of Arista records was also pursuing Lloyd. After mulling his options for two weeks Lloyd decided to go with Gotti’s organization. The industry being what it is, “LA” soon moved to head Def Jam for reason’s of his own, giving credence to the saying that, “All things work to the greater good.”





Lloyd was in the former boy group N-Toon in 1999.

Lloyd is the first male R&B singer and the youngest artist on The Inc. Records

The Debut Album is titled "Southside" like his first single.

Ashanti introduced him in The Red Carpet At The Grammys.

He is also fetured in Ja Rule's New Single "Caught Up"   along with Model & Singer Alexi.

He Was ALSO on the red carpet on the BET awards with Ashanti.

LLoyd Was Featured in Sammie's Hit Single "Cant Let Go"

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