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*Where did the name Bobby Valentino come from? Is that your government?
Bobby is my name, Valentino is a nickname. I was supposed to be born on Valentine’s Day but I came a couple weeks later on the 27th.
*Most people may not know, but you got your start as lead singer of the group Mista. How old where you then?
*Do you still keep in contact with any of the other members of Mista?
Yeah, we all still talk at least a couple times a week. We still kick it sometimes.
*Most boy bands get a bad rep but the single "Blackberry Molasses" (a hood classic) made Mista an exception, why do you think that is?
I think it was a real record that nobody had really ever touched on. People kinda respect people that come real. It was that type of record that sets you apart from others. I think our downfall was that we didn’t have a record to come after that. I wish we would have dropped that single second or third because we didn’t have anything on the album to follow up.
*With the popularity of the crunk movement as well as the recent success of artist’s such as Ciara, Usher and Luda, how does it feel to see the south especially ATL, dominating the industry?
It feels good because I feel like the south is definitely on the rise. For a long time I remember in the south that a lot people been working hard. I remember Lil’ Jon just being in the studio all the time. Ciara, Luda all of them worked hard to make the south what it is today. I think everybody worked real hard to make it happen.
*And you feel that you played a part in that also?
Oh I definitely played a part because we was one of the first R&B groups to come out of the south. So I was definitely part of the movement.
*How would you describe your sound?
My music is real R&B like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers. I’m more of that. I let the crunk people do their thing but I do that real R&B. I want to contribute to this real R&B movement.
*So you’re a lover boy?
Yeah I’m a lover boy. After you leave the club from being crunk, you put that Bobby Valentino in and call your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you on the highway riding to Bobby Valentino, even at your mama’s house or any function you can ride to Bobby Valentino.
*So your album is good for all ages?
My album is good for all ages, no parental advisory sticker, none of that.
*What is the name of the album?
The name of the album is Give Me a Chance. I named it that because I’m getting a second chance and I was pretty much going to people like just give me a chance and I’ll definitely make it well worth your while. Basically I know that if people give me a chance, they are definitely going to enjoy it. Guaranteed or your money back.
*Wow that’s tough talk for a debut album.
For real, if you don’t like eight songs on there, take it back. That’s real!
*Besides your DTP fam, who else did you work with on this album?
I worked with Tim and Bob. They worked with artists like TLC, Jon B, Sisqo, Boyz II Men, 112. They worked with everybody and we really hung out and got to know each other so they can know where I wanna go and I can kinda tell them how I want to do things. It’s nothing like a producer knowing an artist I mean for real. So I feel like they really know me and that this album will tell the story how it’s supposed to be.
*So the first single is blowing up all over the mixtape and radio circuit. Can we expect more club bangers like “Slow Down”?
C’mon, "Slow Down" is the worst song on my album! So if you enjoyed "Slow Down," your gonna…. There’s not even a word to describe this album. I don’t even like to talk about it, I just want to play it because a lot of people talk but nobody really backs it up. To me talk is cheap. I wanna play it for you and show you because I can show you better than I can tell you.

*Can you shake a tailfeather?
I mean I can dance a little bit but I’m more of a singer. I don’t really do all that, that’s a lot of extra stuff for me. I just like to sing to ‘em and let them get into my soul, get into my mind you know? Get into where I wanna go with this thing.
*Are you nervous about how the public will respond to your solo effort?
No I’m not nervous because I know that I took my time. This was not an album that I just threw together. This is an album that people are gonna love and I can guarantee that. As long as they give me a chance, they gonna love it.
*Besides singing, do you have any other hidden talents you might want to explore?
I definitely want to get into acting and directing. I just graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Mass Communications so I do wanna flip and do a lot of extra stuff behind the scenes and in front of the camera.
*So you said you went to Clark, how was that, did people recognize you?
Some people recognized me because I still look the same but they accepted me. I went to class like everybody else there were a lot of beautiful young women and I love the women and they were there and it was all good.
*Obviously that didn’t distract you.
Oh it distracted me my first year there but I realized that I had a mission in school so I had to buckle down. Besides my dad wanted to take me out because I had like a 1.7 but I didn’t want to leave so I straightened up.

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