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4Deep is the next group sensation, blazing new trails in the music  industry. Group members Alex Buffington, aka "Lil' Brotha", Alex Edwards, aka "A.E.", Ryan Fluis, aka "Milly", and Alex Coffin-Lennear, aka "Ice-Kid" have the look and talent to become the next music icons. The group's hot beats are edgy, yet their smooth lyrics about dreams, expectations, and experiences make 4Deep appeal to the masses. Their strong musical connection to today's youth will positively influence  Rap, Hip-Hop and Pop culture.

The unique Rap tones and mind-blowing lyrical content enables 4Deep to bring a surge of fresh air back into the industry with pulsating energy! It's no wonder that this group has built such a solid following, with thousands of registered fans throughout the World!

With dynamic stage presentation and their innate abilities to mesmerize, excite and control a live audience, 4Deep is an act that's guaranteed to leave their fans wanting more!

To date, 4Deep has performed at the  nationally syndicated Doug Banks Morning Show Tour, the Macy's Passport benefit concert in partnership with Ervin "Magic" Johnson, Move Against Aids, Tavis Smiley's BIT Convention in Los Angeles, Tavis Smiley's Youth Convention in Washington D.C. and numerous street fairs, colleges and high schools throughout California.

4Deep's story is one of tenacity and confidence. After a total of six years and encountering some setbacks along the way, 4Deep has emerged into mind-blowing, phenomenal artists.  Their musical inspirations are:  Jay-Z, Ludacris, Hot Boys, Nelly, Twista, Eminem and Fabolous.


A.E.'s Facts:

Name : Alex Edwards
Nicc: A.E., So Fly
D.O.B. : September 21, 1986

Age :
Zodiac : Virgo

Hometown : San Leandro, California
Hobbies : Music, Girls, Sports

Favorite Rap Artist : Jay-Z, Fabolous, Lil' Wayne

Favorite R&B Artists : B2K, Usher, Mario, Micheal Jackson

Favorite Colors :

Favorite Food : Pizza

Lil' Brotha's Facts:

Name : Alex Buffington

Nicc : Lil Brotha, Speedy

D.O.B. : April 30, 1987
Age : 17

Zodiac : Taurus

Hometown : Las Vegas, Nevada

Hobbies : Music, Basketball, Girls

Favorite Rap Artist : Lazy Bone, Twista, Fabolous

Favorite R&B Artists : Jagged Edge, Usher, Donell Jones, Michael Jackson

Favorite Colors : Blue

Favorite Food : Pizza

Ducky's Facts:

Name : Alex Coffin-Lennear

Nicc : Ice Kid, Ducky

D.O.B. : July 30, 1986
Age :

Zodiac : Leo

Hometown : Berkeley, California

Hobbies : Music, Basketball, Girls, Poetry

Favorite Rap Artist: Nelly

Favorite R&B Artists : Musiq, Donell Jones, Craig David

Favorite Colors : Blue, Grey

Favorite Food : Sloppy Joes, Lemon Heads


Milly's Facts:

Name : Ryan Fluis

Nicc : Milly [Most Illest Lyrical Little Youngsta]

D.O.B. : September 16, 1986

Age : 17

Zodiac : Virgo

Hometown : Berkeley, Ca

Hobbies : Sleep, Music, Sports

Favorite Rap Artist : Lil' Wayne, Ludacris, Lazy Bone, Eminem, Murphey Lee

Favorite R&B Artists : Ginuwine, Usher, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder

Favorite Colors : Black, White, Red, Blue

Favorite Food : Pizza