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Courtesy of MTV.com:
Born in Mississippi but raised in Atlanta, smooth R&B crooner Bobby Valentino had a hard time convincing his skeptical parents that the music business was the place for him. When the 16-year-old Valentino - who was then known by his real name, Bobby Wilson - hooked up with producer team Organized Noize, his parents knew he was serious and that his dream of a record deal was entirely possible. With a group of friends, Valentino formed Mista, a Boyz II Men styled singing group that made some waves with their "Blackberry Molasses" single. The group's self-titled album appeared in 1996 but failed to match the single's success. A second, unreleased album was recorded with producer Timbaland's help but management problems split the group and Valentino decided to focus on college. After earning his degree in 2003, Valentino returned to demo work. One of his demos ended up in the hands of Ludacris who made Valentino the first R&B singer in the rapper's DTP (Disturbing tha Peace) crew. The sultry "Slow Down" announced the singer's rebirth as a DTP member in early 2005 and soon became a BET and radio favorite. As the ballad was landing numerous schools' prom ballots, Def Jam/DTP released Valentino's self-titled debut.

Facts: I know they might not be right but--work with them--tell my if U have anymore.
*He was the lead singer in Mista.
*He made another CD before joining Ludacris on the DTP Record Label.
*His CD just came out--called 'Give Me A Chance'.
*His real name is Bobby--but Valentino is a nickname because he was supposed 2 be born on Valentine's Day, but was born on the 27th of February.
*He just graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Mass Communications.
*He was 14 when he was in Mista.

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