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Welcome back 2 Sweet Dreams!!! Well--I've exceeded my bandwith on Tripod with my site about the TUG pplz. So----I decided 2 move THIS site 2 another website----I'm corrently doin something on FreeWebs.com so when I finish with it I'mma definetly have  it up here cuz a lotta y'all pplz are luvin my site cuz I have gotten a few E.Mails from pplz who luv my site. Cuz I been tryna add new pages but---ya know---I can't cuz I went above my limit with the quota. So---

It's OFFICIAL!!!! Now my site is OFFICIALLY up--and if U wanna see some more Marie Valentine sites then hit my homepage up and go 2 Links--ALL my sites will be listed. ALSO!!!
Don't 4get 2 sign my new guestbook!!!! Tell me whatchu think about the tight graphix in the g-book 2!!


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Bobby Valentine's new CD: Give Me A Chance
It's real good y'all should get it!!


Anybody have any suggestions, or anything like that? Well hit me up @:
dizlzcrystal@netscape.net and I'll take them in2 consideration.

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