--the temptationsz; movin on--

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My Letter 2 The Psychos

Dear all U haters,
       I'm the sites creator---and there are a few things I gotta say 2 y'all haters.
1.First off U you're a B2K, IMx, B5, or Razkalz Cru hater why even go 2 a site about them? Common sense says U don't have 2 look---if U have a choice not 2.
2.Second of all----if U are a hater of me---don't post it all on the internet---take it up with me---I'll personally give U my e-mail address or whatever and we can take this up---so if U have a problem with ME then hit me up @ Mizz_Chingy4ever@yahoo.com ASAP and we'll see about your issues.
3.Last---a note 2 all the I-Hate-Anyone-Who-Loves-Fizz gurls. Chill out!! We all love Fizz---that's like tellin your man's momma 2 back off your man. That's stupid. U don't own him---U ain't hit slave master---why the hell y'all think y'all the only ones who can like Lil'Fizz, Omarion, J.Boog, or Raz.B? U don't own them. If I get one more e-mail sayin Lil'Fizz is they man I'mma quirk out and the JMM is gon come out in me. So chill!!!
     Marie Valentine- From My HT's Own Purple Kru aka The Haze Mamiz