--the temptationsz; movin on--

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This is the games/humor pages. This is where I'mma have jokes and Humorous stories. Also--I wanna tell y'all Psycho's somethin. Don't e-mail me wit that attitude U copped cuz U will bring the DC side of me out--and I will not give U no mercy @ ALL. I ain't serious damn chill--I be jokin all the time 2 chill out on this page. And 4 those of U light hearted and nice pplz---enjoy my jokes/humor page.

Can U caption this pic---the funniest one will win!!!!
Send Captions 2: XxGuRL_WoNdErxX@yahoo.com.


Funny Lyrics/Stories.
Well--I don't have any yet so any funny stories or lyrics about anybody listed on this site? Well holla @ Gurl Wonder!!!!
XxGuRL_WoNdErxX@yahoo.com I'll only post them if they're funny!!!!
~Marie Valentine~