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Nick Cannon



Nick has always been interested in entertaining and making people laugh. In fact, he used to drive his family a little crazy with all his wacky antics. "I would be silly around my house," says Nick. "I would try to do Bill Cosby impressions and Michael Jackson and stuff like that-- My dad was like, 'Instead of acting silly and trying to be a rapper all the time, why don't you sit down and write [out] some comedy routines and perform them?" Ever the obedient son, Nick put pen to paper and his father was happy to discover that the routine he wrote was pretty darn good. "Then I started doing talent shows and stuff with me doing stand-up," says Nick. "It kinda evolved from there."

While Nick became pretty popular on the Los Angeles stand-up circuit and performed at clubs like The Improv, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store, he wasn't immune to tough nights on stage. "I had taken a break from doing stand-up for about a year because I really wanted to focus on [rapping] and then, when I was about 15, I got back into it," says Nick. "I went on stage and I tried to do the same material from when I was 12 years old, and I was way older, so it wasn't as cute as it was when I was 12. I started doing those jokes, and people started booing and stuff." Ouch! Nick was pretty devastated by that experience, and, for a moment, vowed never to do stand-up again. "Then, the next week, I was just like, 'I've gotta do it. I'm not a quitter. I've gotta keep going, and I gotta make it happen.' I went up there the next week with some new jokes and just ripped it up. I think I got a standing ovation that night." See kids, bravery and perseverance really do pay off!


Birthday: October 17, 1980 (he's 22 aight?)

Hometown: San Diego, California

Appeared on (screen):

regular cast member on All That (Nickelodeon)

guest on Taina (Nickelodeon)

guest on Keenan and Kel (Nickelodeon)

guest on Cousin Skeeter (Nickelodeon)

host of Snick House (Nickelodeon)

star of The Nick Cannon Show (Nickelodeon)

dancer on Soul Train

guest on The Center w/ Amerie (BET)

host of Drumline Special (BET)

Laundromat Video w/ Nivea (music video)


Elimidate Deluxe

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Show #2401 (NBC)

guest/co-host on TRL (MTV)

making the video: Parents Just Don't Understand with 3lw and Lil Romeo (MTV)

The Parkers (UPN)

Hollywood Squares 9/30/02-10/04/02

Blaque Music Video (dunno which one though, haha!)

Men In Black II (movie-autopsy agent)

Whatever it Takes (movie-chess club kid)

Drumline (movie-devon miles)

You Got Served (movie-not yet released)

On Crew:

writer, music director, creator, and executive producer of The Nick Cannon Show

writer of Cousin Skeeter

writer of Keenan and Kel

Thanx 2: TNCrew-2k3-theNickCannonCrew. 4 all this information!!!!!