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B2K News and Juicy Gossip

Bad news, B2K has REALLY broken up, there is no ACTUAL reason that i know of but I have 3 things I heard:
1-Physical altercation
2-Chris Stokes (manager) had something 2 do with it.
3-Omarion thought he was better that every1 else.
But I have NO clue but I do know there still friends.

Okay, the former B2K guyz ain't friends afterall. There are so many parts of this story! It's just crazy! Fizz, Boog, and Raz said they didn't get all their money outta the St3. and O said it was cuz of his injuries and some ish about he didn't get not 1 phone call from his boyz @ the hospital, and locks and stuff was changed when he tried 2 get in touch with them. I also heard that the 3 remaining boyz are suing Omari. Soundz like a plan 2 me.  

This is new!! On December 30th Omarion, Young Rome, Marques Houston, and O'Ryan  is comin 2 my town of the Chocolate City DC!!! Y'all!!! They're comin 2 Constitution Hall and this concert is sponsered by DC's #1 radio station 93.9 WKYS, U better win 'em there cuz they're sellin fast @ Ticket Masters, and I heard they're ja like expensive. Also, Marques Houston is co-starring in Fat Albert. Omarion isn't in it that's MH!!! That's my dawg gotta get a page about him up. Okay y'all DC pplz listen 2 93.9 WKYS my papi Antonio The Cuban Cigar Smoker be on there wit his fine self!!!

It's now well know, that Omarion has a beef with J-Kwon. Now---in case there's a lyrical battle---I'm on Kwon's side 2 the fullest. Maybe it's me---but he's gonna win that!! Omarion got the boy band LA cornball raps, but he's a great singer. Kwon got the---okay---vicious attack bloodthirsty raps. But I like 'em both!!! Kwon just got this battle in the bag!! He's the one that declared the beef though on TRL. He said it like he wasn't scared, lets see---but O is a man and Kwon is still a lil kid. He's my age, but he's experienced, he got 2 kids. Hmmmm----I wonder. Whatchall think?!!! Hit me back playaz!

Okay---this is new news not only about that Omarion cat. I heard J.Boog, and Lil'Fizz said they DON'T wanna do a sequel 2 You Got Served if Raz.B is gon be in there. 2 me Raz seemed like the leader of B2K---Omarion may have been lead SINGER but Raz talked 4 them--in interviews and all that---I noticed that a while back when they were on 106 and Park one day. Anyway---I ALSO have news on Omarion. He just made his video for Touch not too long ago. The video's tight---they got my gurl Danielle P. dancin with him----it's sweet U gotta see it. Well---that's all the news I have for 2day. 

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!