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Needa S.


Whether she is freely describing her sexual desires or conveying hard-hitting street lyrics about life experiences in the urban community, she catches your attention and mesmerizes you with her melodic voice. Often described as Missy Elliot meets Mary J. Blige, with the sex appeal of Janet Jackson, Needa-S brings songs with true street lyrics about experiences everyone can identify with.

Needa-S has the kind of voice men like, oozing sensuality in every inflection. She could be singing businesses' names and addresses from the yellow pages and still sound risqué. With the songs “Sensitive” featuring Da Brat and “Sex,” Needa-S shows she is not shy when it comes to talking about what she likes and doesn’t like in the bedroom.

“My sexuality is right there in your face when you meet me, its kinda hard to get away from it,” Needa-S tries to explain. “I’m one of those people, its just part of me as an individual. Even if I don’t intentionally make something sexual, it will appear to be sexual to someone else.”

With the same hypnotic voice, she also brings the audience songs such as “Baby’s Mama” and “Child Support” where Needa-S sings about how a relationship can change once an unplanned pregnancy comes into the picture. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Needa-S grew up in urban areas and went through the many struggles and hard times that teenagers face today. Her songs are stories told in soulful tones that can bring a listener to tears as she sings about the trials and tribulations of life. She is quick to say that she is more of a storyteller. “I don’t want people to think I’m trying to send out messages, I like to tell stories about life in the ghetto.”

Needa-S has been on a strict diet and exercise regiment for the past year, as she prepares to make her debut in the upcoming months. Her image and style will catch the eye of her fans, and her songs will get the attention of their ears and keep them listening.

The strong hip hop influences in her songs are apparent, but the true R&B soul of her music bring a seductive yet street record that will appeal to all men and women who deal with life changes. Her funky style and perfected appearance bring a complete package to any true R&B fan.