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In 1994 IMx came out and brought their debut CD album On Our Worst Behavior. No doubt IMx would be as succesful as they are today with 5 CDs and they're all currently working on solo projects.Lets go back to the past.Immature was the news in 1994 they came out behaving Immature but we all liked it.The group at that time consited of Batman Romeo and Half Pint but for problems with managment they took him out and replaced him with LDB.Anyway IMx loves working with different artists and producers so no doubt they had a handful of the best producers and new artists.They not only have taken music by storm but they have also taken over our t.v. too! Working on my favorite show A Different World,and the best movie probably ever made House Party 4.They also performed on The Arsenio Hall Show,Soul Train and Showtime At The Apollo.So overall IMx has made a lot of achievements over the years and now they're breaking up,but not to worry fans they're all working on solo projects. Marques Houston's CD "MH" is in stores now!


Name: Marques Barett Houston



Birthplace:Los Angeles, California 

Siblings:B.J, Brandye




hobbies:Swimming, shopping, spending time with his family


Sports:Basketball & Football


Things to buy with his $:Clothes

Music:Rap, R&B, alternative, jazz, and reggae 

Cars:Lexus, Benz, and Range Rover

Artist:Micheal Jackson

Clothes:Polo t-shirts, nike sweatpants

Food:enchiladas, fondue, stir fried, sushi

Drinks:pepsi, fruit punch

Things to do when he goes out:go to the movies

Activites:roller blading, and  ice skating

Pet Peeves:When someone says they have to tell you something and they say nevermind, standing in line at the amusement park, and scratching on the chalkboard

Zodiac sign: Leo

wants to name his kids Tyson and China.

Likes traveling but not flying.

name:Jerome Issac Jones



hometown:Los Angeles, California

siblings:Tweedy, Joe, Naomi, Sarah, and Amos 





sports:football & basketball


music:R&B and Rap

food:Stir Fried

drink:Cherry Lemonade

artists:TLC, Snoop Dogg, Micheal Jackson, Ice Cube


Pet peeves:When Kelton and Marques hit him in the back of the head and mess with him.

He plans to have 2 daughters Kamelah and Delia

He's been singing and rapping since age 7.

He dosen't like girls wo dress and act like sluts.

He wants a girl with a sweet personality.

He loves italian food.

his 2 dogs Bear and Jane are rottwielers.


name:Kelton Taron Kesse



hometown:Los Angeles, California

siblings:Brandi, and Alfonzo

relationship:Sorry girls!!!.....Dating




drink:snapple kiwi strawberry

music:R&B and Rap

artists:Faith Evans, and Micheal Jackson

pet peeves:catching a cold


zodiac sign:capricorn

He wants a girl that will not only want him for his $$!

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