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Lady Boys Interview

ATL are America's hottest new boy band, and now they're out to conquer the UK with debut single 'Calling All Girls'. The single - which was written and produced by R. Kelly - basically sums up just what the boys like to talk about; Girls, Girls, Girls...


So tell us what you each bring to the group?
I'm the comedian of the group; I'm the one that will be bouncing off the walls doing the photoshoots and stuff.
I say I bring youth to the group, because everybody else is 19 and older and by me just turning 17 I think I bring the youth aspect back to the group.
Will is actually the quiet one of the group; he's the quiet one around everybody else, but when we're around closed doors he's off the wall as well. Danger's just the rapper; you know what I'm saying, I don't really know how to say it, the thug of the group.
And how are you finding the UK?
You know, it's funny, you all just cuss openly here and I saw a naked woman on TV at 2 o'clock and was like 'What is this? What, you don't have that in America?'
It's kind of taboo in America for stuff like that.
L: You all just cuss on the radio and everything; you can't do that in America.

How are you getting on in the band? Are you at each other's throats?
We have arguments, I mean everybody has arguments, but I think we handle it in a mature manner, it never comes to blows. But, yeah we have disagreements.
Who starts them? What do you argue about?
All of us, about everything. It's hard to even say about what, because we're all such perfectionists that it may just be a little thing that somebody missed a step during choreography or somebody missed a note singing.
It's never anything personal.
What about girls, do you argue over girls?
Oh, no. The girls, each have their own individual person that they'll like. I'm dark, Tre's light, Will and Danger's in the middle, so really we don't have problems with girls.
So you all get plenty of attention then?
L: Oh yeah, we all get plenty of attention.

Danger: Honestly we do, sometimes more than others.
Any action with the groupies?
[Will and D suspiciously look at each other and laugh]
[laughs] It's definitely possible, it's not out of the question.
Who gets lucky the most?
[laughs] I'll put myself out there, I'll say I do. But we all get our fair share.
That's the ladies' man right there.
You guys know this is for a gay magazine, what do you think your friends will think if they see you in a gay mag?
Nothing, because when they read the article they're going to know that we're talking about girls. A matter of fact, let's get back on girls, we love women.
Yes, ATL love women.
That's what ATL stands for: 'All the Ladies', we love ladies.
But are you down with the gays? Do you have any gay friends?
Yeah, I have gay family members. I don't feel any different towards them. Whatever you believe in is what you believe in. I'm not going to down trod on you for that.
Have you ever participated in boy-on-boy action?
No and I never, ever will.
No boy on boy.
But like L says, to each his own and whatever floats your boat.
So what about being in a boy band together, have you ever seen each other naked?
We haven't ever seen each other naked, but we aren't really looking for it either. If L walked into the room naked I'm probably not going to realise that he's naked because I'm not looking like that.
So you don't know who's got the best manhood then?
No, we'll let the ladies figure that out.
And there is only one way for them to find out...
But if the ladies figure it out, what will they say?
I'm going to tell it like it is, you know what they say about black men?
And just because I'm light skin doesn't mean it's not true, that's all I'm saying, Amen.
What do you like in a girl?
I think I can speak for everybody in ATL for this one. We like women with big butts and women that can cook. That's the two things that's important.
Gotta have a booty and can cook.
What do you think of the English girls?
I love their accents.
T: Yeah, the accent is nice, I like the English accent. We had to do a few interviews over the phone and it was like, I wonder what's on the other end... Nice little... accent!