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Atlanta Heat Artical

With the group's first single, "Calling All Girls" (written and produced by R.Kelly), and its accompanying video soaking up airtime, ATL's enthusiastic members are poised to accept their share of music fame. They took time out with SBH to offer us insight on work, women and hot Southern style.


What's the best part of being one of the four brothers of ATL?

L-Rock: My favorite parts are meeting new people, traveling and seeing new places.

Danger: Just being able to be in the studio on a regular basis, being creative, working on new songs, hearing them when we're done and having people appreciate our music.

Will: I'd say having the opportunity to know these three [groupmates]--they're real cool people.

Tre: The best part about being in a situation where I'm surrounded by people with more talent than me--knowing I can't go on stage and outshine everybody.

Being on stage takes lots of energy...How do you keep yourselves in shape?

L-Rock: We have personal trainers from Crunch Fitnesss; we work out for 45 minutes three to four times a week. We do some cardiovascular exercises and some weight training, but I like the weights--and building muscle--best.

Danger: I like to play basketball, and running up and down the court is good exercise.

Will: At home, at night before I go to bed, I do sets of 50 push-ups, until I hit 300 to 400 total. Then I do 100 sit-ups.

Tre: Like Danger, I like to play basketball, and I also like to jog outside.

That must make it easy to look good in clothes...

L-Rock: I like wearing what's hot, but I'm laid back. I like hip-hop style.

Danger: I have my own style--I do something small to set me apart, like if I have a headband on I might turn it upside down.

Will: I'm casual but at the same time a little bit sporty. I wear sweats and a T-shirt with a fitted baseball cap at home, but if I'm going to a club I might throw on a sweater and jeans.

Tre: I like to wear my jeans not too baggy and not too tight but fitted well, a nice pair of white sneakers and a T-shirt.

What do you like to see a sister wearing?

L-Rock: I like tight jeans and a nice blouse. I don't like when women wear hats a lot because I like to see their hair.

Danger: I like a woman who knows how to dress and knows how  to flaunt a nice body without getting too raunchy.

Will: I like a woman dressed up in a nice dress and some heels.

Tre: I don't care what women wear, as long as it's not hoochy-fied.

How do you like to see women wearing their hair?

L-Rock: I like braids.

Danger: I like a woman who can change up her hairstyle and keep it spicy. I like a full head of hair with lots of wavy body, so when she walks it can bounce.

Will: I just don't like it when a woman cuts her hair! I like a woman to let her hair down; straight is nice, but curly ain't bad, either.

Tre: I like light-colored hair with a smooth, bouncy, shiny texture--not too short, not too long, just right, about shoulder length.

What really makes a Black woman beautiful? 

L-Rock: Her inside--how she feels, how she carries herself and her personality.

Danger: Her eyes.I like light-brown, hazel or even gray eyes. I like to look a woman in the eyes before anything else--make eye contact and get the vibe from there.

Will: I'm going to have to agree with L-Rock and say personality, because it's everything. I need a woman to be down to earth, easy to talk to, humble and humorous.

Tre: I like the booty--that's my favorite part! OK...it's a mixture of booty and personality.

You make a big claim to be "Calling All Girls," in your first single.What's your secret to approaching a sister?

L-Rock: I'll go up to her and say, "What's your name?" I'm pretty straightforward, but I don't say anything cheesy.

Danger: I just create a situation in which the woman can talk to me, and I take it from there.

Will: I introduce myself and go from there.

Tre: I'm straightforward and I like to gauge a woman's personality against mine.