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Callin All Gurlz


They have rhythm, they have soul, they can sing, and they definitely have the looks. Some may say they have it all, but who are they? They are Tre, L-Rock, Will, and Danger, better known as ATL.

This R&B foursome came together last year following a sweeping and thorough talent search throughout the Atlanta area. Each member brings his individual talent to make this a dynamic group. Tre, an 18-year-old  North Carolina native, is ATL's all around entertainer, while 15-year-old L-Rock, a product of Atlanta, supplies the group with his powerful vocals. Will, the 17-year-old from Cincinatti, provides his stylish dance moves, and Danger, the Bronx-raised rapper has created a style that he calls "gangsta, but respectable."

 What will ATL bring to the table that seperates them from the rest of the R&B pack? Tre explains: "I want my attention to be held from beginning to end when I attend a show, so that is what we plan to do for our fans. We are looking forward to standing in front of 50,000 strong and giving them exactly what they want." With their self-titled debut album they will be sure to make this happen.

Calling All Girls, ATL's first single, produced and written by R.Kelly, is guaranteed to bring people to their feet at dance floors everywhere; while "Its Us," produced by Ryan Cox, gives the listeners a mellow groove.

Although Atlanta is a well-known birthplace for many hot R&B stars through the years (Usher,112,TLC), the guys of ATL are eager to earn their spot amongst the very best. Danger proclaims, "ATL as a group and as a movement is bigger than the four of us.Atlanta is a culture instead of a place, and we feel blessed to be a part of what is about to be."