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Jhené Live Chat

This is the page 1 of Jhene's Live chat @ her website--in like summer 2003, or 2004! So this is history!!!


Jhené: Hey! What's up everybody? How's everybody doing today? I'm glad I could be here to answer your questions.

JhenéFan_03: What is the name of your CD and do you have a favorite song?
Jhené: The name of my CD is "My Name is Jhené." So far my favorite songs are "No L.O.V.E." and "Gonna Love You Anyway."

jordea: Hi Jhené, how do you feel now that you are going on tour and what do you expect
Jhené: Right now I'm very excited about going on tour, and I expect a lot of work - you know what I mean? I expect a lot of work and lot of fun because I'm on the tour with B2K and they're really fun people. I feel very blessed to be given this opportunity to go on a major tour like Scream Tour III, so make sure everybody that you come out and see me.

SADEY: How many songs are on your CD?
Jhené: I'm not sure, honestly.

B2K7angeleyes: Has B2K (or Fizz) changed since he become "famous"?
Jhené: Definitely not. They've changed in good ways. They've become more responsible and are really hard workers, but they haven't changed in a bad way.

Jennifer: Hi. I'm French and I'd like to know when will your album come out in France?
Jhené: Right now I really don't know.

B2K7angeleyes: How many tracks are on your album?
Jhené: Sorry I'm not sure yet.

RaZbs_BaBy_BoO: Jhené, do you have a daily facial routine you follow cuz you are so pretty!
Jhené: Thank you! Usually in the morning, I use Pure Zone by L'Oréal, and I just use those products. It's like a scrub, a toner, and a lotion, and I use that every morning and night, and I drink lots of water.

jojo: Hey Jhené, I love your music and I just wanted to know when you will be coming to London for a tour or something?
Jhené: Thank you so much! I'm not sure when I'm coming out to London, but hopefully it will be soon.

RaZbs_BaBy_BoO: Hey Jhené, who do you look up to in the music industry?
Jhené: Definitely it would have to be Brandi because her voice and her talent are just so enormous, and I respect her talent - you know what I mean? Brandi and B2K - I respect them because they're hard workers, and they're great performers.

Jhenézgurl: Who has influenced you most in your career?
Jhené: I would say my family because they've always been involved and have always supported, and my sisters sing and my brothers sing, so they're actually the reason why I decided to sing, because I wanted to do what they were doing.

babyguccigurl2: What's your album based on? Like is it bout love or just plain having FUN?
Jhené: My album is pretty much about a teen girl's life. Everything that a teen girl goes through, which is relationships and friends - you know? Everything that just a normal teen girl goes through.

MiSs_CrIsTiNeJoY: Hey Jhené I just wanted to know if a Filipino group called One Voice sang backgrounds for your song "Boy"?
Jhené: I actually don't know who was on backgrounds, so maybe. I really don't know.

STLGYRL4EVA: What did you do on your B-day?
Jhené: On my birthday this year I went skating at a skating place in L.A., and I went to eat.

babygirltru: What was it like shooting your first video?
Jhené: Oh my God! Shooting my first video was so fun and exciting. It went by so fast. I thought it would be harder than it was, but it was really fun. I'm ready to do my next one!

swt_vanilla: Is your sis Mila featured on any of your songs?
Jhené: No. Mila is not featured on any of my songs, but she was a big part of helping me make the album because of her support all these years.

LiLMrz_C: Are there any other songs your best friend Catie is featured on?
Jhené: Actually she's on the background of "Stuck Like This," but other than that - that's the only one she's on.

oO_LaDii_4_FiZz_Oo: Jhené, Is your mom Asian or your dad?
Jhené: My Mom is Asian.

April334: Where do you get your clothes from and who designs them?
Jhené: Usually I get my clothes from my sisters. LOL! I shop everywhere and anywhere - like it really doesn't matter. If it's cute, I'll get it. Other than that, I don't have any designers. Pretty much I just buy whatever looks good.

babygirltru: Which artist would you want to collaborate with?
Jhené: I definitely want to collaborate with Mario because I love his voice, his performance. He's really a good artist and I respect him as an artist. And Brandi, 'cuz she's my No. 1 idol!

Crystal_Houston: Will you be on 106 & Park to premiere your video?
Jhené: I don't think so, because for first videos you usually don't come on the first time, but you never know - maybe! Maybe they'll bring me on there or something - I don't know.

ex0tixw0n: what inspired you to sing?
Jhené: Well...my family - my sisters were always singing, and they started when they were really young, so you know like when you look up to your big sisters you want to do what they're doing, so I wanted to be like them. I did a talent show in the 1st grade, and everybody in my school afterwards said I could really sing, so that was the day I decided this is what I really wanted to do.

babyfizzle: What I want to know is what's it like to work with Chris Stokes?
Jhené: Working with Chris Stokes is really fun. It's really exciting because in the studio with him we'll be there without a song to do and we'll come out with five songs. I've known him since I was about 5, and it's like I'm working with my brother, so it's real fun - a real comfortable setting.

Caramel: Hi Jhené! I'm Talya and I just want to say that I am a big fan of yours, and I know you will be successful in this business. Anyway, my question for you is: If you weren't a recording artist, what else would you like to do with your life?
Jhené: Thank you so much! If I wasn't a singer, I probably would be a veterinarian, because I LOVE animals - so much - any animal I love. Since I was young, before I wanted to sing that's what I wanted to do. Either way I'd be doing that or acting or writing or something entertaining.

babyguccigurl2: Have you ever dropped by your site and read the message board?
Jhené: Yes. I go by my site all the time. Under "this_IS_JHENÉ" I talk to all the fans like you know like friends, 'cuz that's what they are - my peers, so I go on there and have regular conversations with everybody. They know it's me because at the top of the message boards, they put my real name so everybody can know.

LilMizToni: Hey Nae Nae it's ya gurl Toni. Well I wanted to know if you ever felt discouraged or felt like you wanted to give up at any point?
Jhené: Sure. There's lots of times when I will feel like that just because if you're having a bad day you don't think some people are supportive or anything like that. But overall I've learned to just try to like encourage myself even when other people aren't. I've learned to kind of help myself out and believe in myself.

MeikaShay: Do you write any of your music?
Jhené: Yes. I think I've written 3 songs on the album that I wrote. "Everything," "Make Believe," and "Round Away Boy." And I co-wrote one called "Wannabe."

Dina_luvs_Bow_Wow: When did you first start singing?
Jhené: I first started singing around 1st grade. When I was younger, like every little girl, but I really started singing when I was in 1st grade.

Jhené_101: How old were you when you got your record deal?
Jhené: I was 12 going on 13. I think it was a month before my 13th birthday I got signed, so I was 12.

Caramel: I think you are REALLY pretty, and I love the way you do your make-up! It's simple, but it's really cute. LOL What are your *beauty secrets*?
Jhené: Thank you so much! My beauty secrets are I guess to be yourself and don't ever wear too much makeup, because that's fake - you know? Always show the real you. Other than that, just have self-love, but don't be tacky. Have confidence but don't overdo it.

Tu-C: What the sweetest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?
Jhené: I think the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for me was they made this whole outfit with me on it, wrote my name everywhere. He drew a whole really big fully body life size picture of me. So far that's it.

JMatos: Did you have to audition for Record executives?
Chris Stokes flew me out to NY when I was 12 and I recorded a demo
the next day. I did one song, and the next day I had a meeting with Dave McPherson.
He heard the demo; I sang live for him, and when I was done, he told me
"Welcome to the Epic family." So that was that.

JhenézMaN: Whassup Jhené? I love you so much! My question to you is: What is your life like on a every day basis?
Jhené: Thanks! On an every day basis, I wake up around 8am and do 3 hours of homework. Depending on my schedule for the week - like right now I'm touring - I rehearse usually for about 4 hours, and then rest.

DymePersonality: What is the greatest change/sacrifice you've had to make as a result of your new found celebrity?
Jhené: Just not getting to spend that much time with my friends and family. If I'm busy a lot, then I really don't get to see them, but every time I get to spend with them I do. Other than that, it's made me more responsible and I think like more focused.

diva: Do you get to see your family a lot?
Jhené: Well yes because my Mom and my sisters usually go everywhere with me, and I live in the house with my grandmother, grandfather and my brothers. Every holiday is like a family reunion. We see each other every birthday, holiday, etc. So I see them a lot.

JhenéCome2NJ: What is your favorite artist out now?
Jhené: My favorite artist is Brandi, Mario, B2K, and I like India Arie.

aznshawty: Hey Jhené, do you really have a five octave range? If you do you must be really talented!
Jhené: Yes I do, and thank you.

JhenésNumba1Fan: Jhené, I am your number one fan, you inspire me to sing, dance and pretty much breathe...lol...so my question is...I know you obviously look up to B2K as your inspirations, but who else, outside your camp, inspires you musically? (Like...my ex. would be: Jhené, Ashanti, Beyonce...) Thank you girl I love you Mami!!
Jhené: Thank you SO much - that is so sweet! Brandi all the way since her first album from her last album. I listen to her every day. She is my inspiration all the way. She's the reason why I want to be a singer just so I can be like her. I'd love to accomplish as much as she has in her career.

fan4u: What songs will you be performing at Scream Tour III?
Jhené: With The Scream Tour III I will be performing "Sneaky" off the Barbershop soundtrack, "Gonna Love You Anyway" and my single "No L.O.V.E." And I will be coming out doing a medley with my cousin Lil Fizz, and I'll be coming out doing "Tease."

Tweety: I always like the things that you wear I think they're really cute so are those made for you or are they designer clothes we can get?
Jhené: Most of the clothes are clothes anybody can get, but because I'm really small, I need them altered and stuff like that. But yes they're clothes anybody can get.

OmarisBabyGurl121: What advice would you have for someone trying to make it in the game??
Jhené: My advice would be that there's going to be a lot of people to hit on you and bring you down saying, "You can't do it." The best advice is to believe in yourself and take their negativity and turn it into something positive to make you work harder to succeed.

La_BeLLa_NiA: What's in your CD player at the moment?
Jhené: Right now I have all three of Brandi's albums, India Arie and Mario, too. And B2K, of course. And my CD too!!!!! :)
Lady_La: Jhené, how does it feel to be the only female act on this tour?

Jhené: I feel like good - like because you know they always say boys are like stronger or whatever, so I feel like anything you can do I can do better. You know what I mean? It's exciting knowing that I'm the only girl. But I think they're going to be like messing with me a lot - like playing jokes and stuff like that, so I'm watchin' out for all that